The BrewsKey: Unlock the Flavor of Your Beer

The BrewsKey: Unlock the Flavor of Your Beer

Made in Texas - Made in the USA

The BrewsKey Made in the USA Product
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THE BREWSKEY: All Natural Lime Beer Salt

. . . with an Inside Twist

THE BREWSKEY is not just beer salt with lime flavor. In our blend, the lime takes the spotlight as we use 100% natural dehydrated lime. You can actually see the lime plump up as it hits the beer!

What's the inside twist? It's really the most amazing part of this little gadget. The BrewsKey builds a chelada inside your beer bottle!



BrewsKey Engineering

"You should be on Shark Tank!" We hear that a lot. See the engineering behind this unique invention.

BrewsKey Made in USA Product

From the packaging to who puts the lime in the coconut … sorry, the cups, The BrewsKey is 100% Made in the USA.

BrewsKey Beer Salt lick

How did we come up with the idea for The BrewsKey? Two words: Cow and Lick. Read the story!

BrewsKey on Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda

The BrewsKey™: Made In Texas

Here in Texas, everything is bigger including the taste we demand from our everyday beer. That’s why we “dress” our beer - sprinkle a little salt on the bottle neck and stick a lime wedge in it. It’s refreshing and it enhances the flavor, but it does have an “ick-factor” if you really think about licking the side of an unwashed beer bottle containing a manhandled lime wedge.

Enter The BrewsKey™: a cool gadget that easily dresses a beer with sea salt and 100% natural lime right inside the bottle. Load a flavor cup into The BrewsKey and slam it down on your beer bottle—no cutting limes, no cow-licking the bottle—you’ll get that natural lime taste down to the last drop.