The BrewsKey: Unlock the Flavor of Your Beer

The BrewsKey: Unlock the Flavor of Your Beer

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The GRAMMY®s & The BrewsKey

The BrewsKey featured in the 2014 official GRAMMYs swag bag

2014 GRAMMY Awards featuring The BrewsKey

The best dressed at this year's GRAMMY Awards Show? It was the beer!

The BrewsKey was featured in the official swag bag at the 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards Show. That means on Music's Biggest Night, rock royalty was introduced to The BrewsKey, the only little gadget in the world that can dress a beer on the inside of the bottle, using 100% natural lime and sea salt.

Exactly which celebrities got to take home a BrewsKey? Peek in on the full list here!

Those folks on the list got a BrewsKey Starter Kit, which includes a reusable BrewsKey actuator and six reload flavor cups plus a box of 24 more BrewsKey reload cups. You can order yours here too and start dressing your beer like a rock star! (Sorry, BrewsKey bag not included)

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