The BrewsKey: Unlock the Flavor of Your Beer

The BrewsKey: Unlock the Flavor of Your Beer

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About The BrewsKey

We know you’re busy and there’s a lot being thrown at you in the World Wide Web of Craziness so we thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

So, what exactly is The BrewsKey? It “unlocks the flavor of your beer” using 100% natural dehydrated lime and sea salt. Get it? Brews-Key.

The Idea Man

The idea behind The BrewsKey came to our founder, Mark, when he ordered a “dressed” beer at a bar. If you’ve never heard that phrase, “dressing a beer”, what that means is this:

  • Coat the outside of the bottle neck with lime
  • Sprinkle salt on it
  • Put the wedge in your beer

Okay, on with the story … The bartender finished his duties pulling up the bar mats, pulled out a bottle, grabbed a lime, and swiftly dressed Mark's beer.

It wasn't the refreshing sight of the dressed Corona© that ignited the invention of The BrewsKey. It was the fact that the bartender forgot to wash his hands after handling the dirty bar mats. A momentary slip of mind and thankfully so because The BrewsKey was born!

The “Ick-Factor” of a Dressed Beer

Cow Lick the Beer Salt
The BrewsKey™ means never having to cow lick a dirty bottle again!

Matter of fact, we’ve talked to numerous bartenders during our demo events that reveal to us that it's not common practice to wash the limes before sticking them inside your beer.

The unwashed neck of the beer bottle: that's a whole other "ick factor". Whose fingerprints are you cow-licking off the neck of the bottle? The bartender's, the guy at the bottling plant … We'll stop there.

BrewsKey Dressed Beer
Dressed with sea salt & 100% lime on the inside of the bottle!

The beauty of The BrewsKey is that it builds a chelada right inside your beer bottle. Our fans call it "a Keurig© for your beer." All you need is the little BrewsKey actuator and one of our flavor reload cups which is filled with 100% natural lime and sea salt. Load a cup, slam it down on your beer to release the flavor, and cheers! You've got the best-dressed beer north of the border.