The BrewsKey: Unlock the Flavor of Your Beer

The BrewsKey: Unlock the Flavor of Your Beer

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The BrewsKey Featured on The Today Show

May 16, 2014

As Style Editor for The Today Show, it's Bobbie Thomas' job to know what's "in" and what's trendy. She loved The BrewsKey when she saw us in the 2014 GRAMMYs Swag Bag and asked us if she could bring our product on The Today Show!

Could we come on The Today Show? Does a cowboy always wear a cowboy hat? Heck yes, he does!

Now you can't knock early morning drinking ... at least when it's on live national TV. So Kathie Lee and Hoda put down their wine glasses to try out The BrewsKey.

Hoda pinched her hand when taking her first slam of the actuator. A common first mistake. There's a ridge on the bottom that you can grip to ensure against BrewsKey-related boo-boos. Once they popped The BrewsKey, it began to foam up, which will always happen when you introduce lime to beer. We suggest you tilt the bottle to release the pressure and it helps if you take a sip of the beer before you pop your BrewsKey.

We just want to say "Thank You SO Much" to the ladies on The Today Show! It's features like this that really help small businesses like us get a leg-up in the market.